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Microsoft Windows Server explained by LicenseQ
12 Feb
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

How to license Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server – a complete guide Windows Server Licensing At the heart of enterprise IT infrastructure lies Windows Server, Microsoft’s powerful operating system built specifically for handling mission-critical tasks. Windows Server is designed for handling enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications. Proper licensing of Windows Server is crucial for legal and functional use […]

How LicenseQ supported a local government client
22 Nov
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Microsoft Licensing Local Government – A Case Study

In this case study we discuss how we recently supported a local government organization with their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal. Our client faced a tight deadline, but with our approach we achieved high cost savings of 35% and high discounts.

Micrsoft Fabric explained by LicenseQ
18 Oct
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Microsoft Fabric – everything you need to know

In this blog we discuss everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new Fabric platform; an all-in-one, cloud-based analytics platform for enterprises.

Read this blog for information on how to purchase and license Fabric via Azure and eventually M365; what the benefits of Fabric are and to understand relevant terminology.

LicenseQ can support with AWS and GCP licensing
20 Sep
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Microsoft BYOL for AWS & GCP – a guide

Microsoft BYOL – how does this work for AWS & GCP? Topics in this blog: Part 1: Azure compared to AWS & GCP Optimizing your move to the cloud Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit Amazon Web Services License Mobility Google Cloud BYOL Comparative analysis between Azure, AWS & GCP Part 2: Leveraging MS Software in AWS […]

LicenseQ can help you license Microsoft Visual Studio
25 Jul
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Visual Studio – Everything you need to know

Microsoft Visual Studio is one of a range of useful development tools Microsoft has on offer for software engineers and developers. Microsoft offers different options to buy and license Visual Studio depending on your needs and organization size.

Read our blog to learn more about what Visual Studio is, the different subscription types and the benefits of subscribing.

10 Jul
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

M365 suites functionality – LicenseQ’s thoughts

In our LicenseQ’s thoughts blogs, our licensing experts share insights into recent and expected developments in Microsoft licensing.

In this blog Dennis shares his thoughts on the recent Microsoft trend to release new products as standalone rather than within the M365 suites. What is the thinking behind this?

28 Jun
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Azure OpenAI Service – an introduction

Artifical Intelligence (AI) is taking off and as Azure Open AI Service features heavily in the Microsoft Product Terms the last few months, we thought it would be interesting to delve deeper into Azure OpenAI Service. Including what is Azure OpenAI, how do you access it and what can you use it for.

08 Jun
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Azure Reservations – everything you need to know

Azure Reservations are a cost-effective way to purchase Azure resources. In this blog we discuss how it works. We also compare Azure Reservations to Azure Savings Plan & Azure Hybrid Benefit.

6 negotiation mistakes to avoid
10 May
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Top Microsoft negotiation mistakes to avoid

In this blog we talk about 6 common negotiation mistakes we often see clients make. Try to avoid them in your negotations! We also share our best practices when it comes to negotiations.

10 tips reduce microsoft enterprise agreement spend
03 Apr
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

EA spend – 10 tips to lower your costs

This blog series looks at all the basic aspects of the Enterprise Agreement. The EA is still one of Microsoft’s most popular licensing models, but it can be difficult to fully understand.
In this post we share 10 tips that can help you reduce your EA spend in the upcoming negotiations.