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LicenseQ serves businesses, governments, public-sector agencies, and not-for-profits worldwide, creating long-term value for our clients by helping them overcome their software and cloud licensing challenges.
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Our globally renowned experts are strategically located worldwide, offering clients continual support.
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IT and cloud asset consulting

Navigating the complex world of Microsoft licensing

Consulting Services

Navigating the complexities of Microsoft licensing can be daunting. Our expert advisory professionals bring in-depth knowledge, insight, and substantial industry experience so that each project is scoped specifically to help organizations overcome their Microsoft contract and licensing challenges. We ensure you can maximize the value of your Microsoft investments.

Our range of services take you from initial assessment to negotiation support, optimization strategies and going compliance management. Partner with LicenseQ and experience the difference that expert Microsoft licensing consulting can make.

Managed Services

Our Cloud Optimization Managed Services combine on-demand insights and continuous monitoring with our consulting excellence, ensuring the optimization of each client’s cloud costs.

Our Azure Optimization Managed Service covers all cloud products billed as Azure consumption. Whereas the M365 Optimization Managed Service finds savings across all the products and services in the Microsoft 365 cloud.

Clients we support

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    A winning team

    Independent & unbiased advice

    Led by seasoned Microsoft licensing experts with over 40 years of combined knowledge, companies trust LicenseQ to deliver unbiased, transparent, and objective guidance to achieve individual business goals.

    Areas of expertise

    • Microsoft 365 Optimization
    • Annual Order Reporting
    • Renewal Contracting
    • Azure Optimization
    • Audit Defense
    • Dynamics 365 Optimization
    LicenseQ Management Team @ Kuala Lumpur
    Global footprint

    Global coverage for all client needs

    Our globally renowned experts are strategically located worldwide, offering clients continual support.

    At LicenseQ we understand that the world of IT is boundless and so are our clients’ needs. Our globally renowned experts are strategically located worldwide, ensuring that no matter where your business is located, we offer our clients continual support.

    We pride ourselves on our ability to offer best-in-class service for our clients, regardless of geography.

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