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Dynamics 365 Optimization

Dynamics 365 Optimization Services

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing model has been undergoing massive changes with the rebranding of the Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning portfolio to Dynamics 365 back in 2016. In this short time span, it has undergone 3 licensing model changes. This means that it might be very unclear to you, as a user of this service, what your licensing can look like towards the future and if this is going to incur any unforeseen cost.

Add to this the fact that the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide is ± 60 pages long, and you see that this might be a complex undertaking. Having said that, we are here to help! Our Dynamics 365 Optimization Service will look at your optimal way of licensing, and through benchmarking can identify commercial benefits for you.

Our typical phased approach
  • Inventory of current environment
  • Competitive landscape
  • Identification of business requirements
  • Bill of Materials / Benchmarking & Pricing
  • Negotiations strategy

  • Key benefits
    • Smart agreements
    • Buy what you need

    • If you are interested in what we can do for your Microsoft Licensing case specifically, or if you have a generic question, simply reach out to us via the button below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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Approach & Benefits

Inventory of current environment

We look at your current usage for either your whole organization or a subset. Based on the Dynamics 365 model you are currently on, you might definitely be over licensed for services you are paying for, but do not need. The key deliverable is your Dynamics 365 effective license position.

Competitive landscape

The market is very competitive. Should your organization be in the orientation phase please involve us in the earliest stage possible so we can further inform you on how competitive this market is.

Identification of business requirements

Through workshops and interviews we will help form the actual need of your organization towards the future, and align any optimization models based on this need. Together with the inventory, this will be the basis for your new Dynamics 365 purchase.

Bill of Materials / Benchmarking & Pricing

The Bill of Material will show scenario’s that are an ideal fit for your situation. No organization is the same, so selecting the correct scenario for a future proof Dynamics 365 environment is key. Microsoft is very keen on broadening their footprint on Dynamics (both CRM and ERP), as such the possibilities are endless.

Negotiations strategy

The process up to now has focused on what to buy, this is where we focus on how to buy it. A clear cut methodology for negotiating with Microsoft will lead to the desired end result: a functionality and cost optimized purchase of Dynamics 365.

Benefit: Buy what you need

Dynamics is a model that is ever changing and is being finetuned by Microsoft constantly. This can make it complex and cumbersome to purchase or renew. The clear cut methodology from LicenseQ will make you buy what you need, and at an optimized price.