Microsoft 365 Cloud Optimization

Office 365 optimization

For any Microsoft licensing contract, it is worth analysing whether M365 or O365 products and services are still the best solution for your company on an annual basis. You are paying for them, so you want something in return. If you are no longer using a product or service, it is time to replace them with a solution that is more cost effective.

Microsoft 365 optimization is key! We believe the highest Microsoft savings can be achieved in the years before and after the renewal process. Therefore, we work to determine whether your organization is paying too much. We have been able to achieve significant savings for many of our clients with Office 365 optimization.

With Office 365 optimization, we help you analyse whether your investment in Microsoft licenses is yielding a profit. Read below which steps we take to do this and what the benefits are. Moreover, discover our other services that can help you further: including Azure optimization and Microsoft audit defense.

Office 365 Optimization

Our approach to Office 365 optimization

Our Office 365 optimization will ensure you get the most out of your licenses. We have put the knowledge we accumulated as former Microsoft experts into a targeted implementation plan with the following steps. Office 365 optimization or Microsoft 365 will result in both saving a lot of money and/or making optimal use of your active licenses within your current costs.

  • 1. Inventory of Microsoft contract
  • We start with an inventory of your current Microsoft contracts, including all related documents such as amendments, customer price lists and emails. Based on our findings, we create an overview of all the licenses and products your company has purchased.

  • 2. Create a usage summary of activated Cloud services
  • The next step in Office 365 optimization is an inventory of the cloud services activated in your company. Will you need them in the future or can certain services be deactivated?

  • 3. Draw up a savings analysis
  • Now that we have listed all active licenses, we can estimate how much you could potentially save on your volume licensing contracts. From experience we can say that annual savings of 20% are a realistic estimate.

  • 4. Explore future needs
  • In this step, we review your roadmap to determine any further requirements for additional Microsoft software or services. If you can provide us with a clear picture, we can devise a competitive approach that will reduce your subscription costs.

The benefits of M365 & O365 optimization

Performing license optimization is very beneficial for your business. Our precise and independent approach is guaranteed to result in attractive benefits for your company.

Firstly, you can save significantly on costs. If you discover that you are paying too much for licenses that do not yield sufficient benefits, you can change this. The Office 365 / Microsoft 365 optimization process insures that you will have the right contract for your organization and that you can cut unnecessary overspending on Microsoft licenses.

In addition to cost savings, you will also have more control over your cloud policy. It is very important that you do not migrate to the cloud before you have done an accurate cost analysis for the future. With our help you will have all the financial aspects and expert advice in place.

Office 365 optimization by LicenseQ

Want to know what and how much you are overpaying for Microsoft volume licensing contracts? Get an expert Office 365 optimization done in which we outline your specific current situation and what adjustments you can make in the future.

We can also help you examine your Microsoft licensing in other areas. Check out our full range of services. Any questions about the possibilities and support we can provide? Then contact us without obligation and let us advise you personally.

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Approach & Benefits

Inventory of Microsoft contract

By studying your current Microsoft contracts and related documentation (such as amendments, customer price sheets and email material) we can establish why your organization is using this particular licensing method.

Deployment overview of activated Cloud Services

We look at which Cloud Services are activated and which will be required in the future.

Savings analysis
We can now estimate the saving potential in your volume licensing contracts. From our experience, annual savings of 20% are realistic.
Future requirements
By looking more deeply into your future Microsoft deployment plans, we can take a consolidation or competitive approach to reduce your subscription costs.
Benefit: Cost savings
Have reassurance that you have the right contract in place for your organization and you are not overpaying Microsoft.
Benefit: Control of your Cloud Policy
Avoid transitioning to the cloud without a proper cost analysis for the future. We can help with all financial aspects and advise on multi-cloud policies.