Microsoft License Desk

Microsoft License Desk

Our Microsoft License Desk is here to answer any and all Microsoft licensing questions.

Many organizations struggle to understand both their Microsoft license and subscription policies as well as their contractual terms and conditions. It certainly doesn't help that Microsoft frequently changes licensing bundles, product names and their terms of service/usage.

As an independent and trusted advisor, we stay up to date with all Microsoft licensing developments so we are able to answer any questions you and/or your colleagues have without bias or commercial interest. We offer this service as a Managed Service.

Each organization is different, with a unique history and different level of adoption and/or cloud maturity. We offer our clients customized managed services tailored to your Microsoft licensing and contracting requirements: a true one-stop shop for all your licensing and software vendor challenges.

Microsoft License Desk

Evolving Market

It is clear that the licensing industry is changing rapidly. More and more of our clients have struggled to get the right level of pro-active support from trained and seasoned professionals in the Microsoft licensing area.

Microsoft offers a wide range of products and services and the sheer breadth of Microsoft’s portfolio alone adds to the complexity. They offer many different products and contractual models that all come with their own rules and regulations.

Determining which licensing model is most suitable for a company is challenging as they all come with their own licensing rules, regulations, editions and versions. To make an informed decision, you need to understand both your current and future needs and usage.

Licensing terms

Let’s also not forget that Microsoft frequently updates its licensing terms and launches new programs. Over the course of a year Microsoft averages around three new product entries every month. Think of the new Intune Suite, expansion of the Defender Product suite, endless stream of new Azure Services and (older) items such as Windows 365 or SharePoint Syntex.

Besides the shifts in licensing models, Microsoft also goes through many rebrands. Organizations feel like they don't have a grasp on Microsoft and they struggle to reconcile their existing IT infrastructure with Microsoft's licensing rules.

Get the support you need

Staying up to date with all the changes and understanding how they impact existing licensing agreements is a time-consuming task. Navigating this complexity requires licensing knowledge, a proactive approach and expert guidance to ensure compliance while optimizing costs.

Our Microsoft License Desk is here to support clients with all of the above. Reach out to our licensing consultants via the button below to see what we can do for your spefic case or if you have a generic question. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Licensed Professionals

LicenseQ is not limited to just Microsoft. Through our trusted and valued partners, we offer a best-in-class service for Oracle, IBM and SAP. Our Cloud Datacenter Optimizations can also be done for Microsoft’s primary competitors: AWS, Google Cloud and IBM.
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