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Category: Azure Optimization

Microsoft Azure is a complex cloud computing platform offering a vast range of services and features. With so many options and configurations available, it can be challenging to know which ones to use and how to configure them properly to optimize performance and cost. It can also be hard to identify what areas need optimizing (and how) without the right monitoring and reporting tools. On top of that, Azure is a dynamic and constantly changing platform, with new features and services being added all the time, making it challenging to stay on top of the latest best practices.

To effectively optimize Azure, you need technical expertise and knowledge – this is where we come in. LicenseQ developed Azure optimization to help you keep track of your consumption and to maintain control of its complex management. Our service provides detailed analyses of your usage and consumption. Visit our Azure Optimization page to find out more.


Benefits of Azure Hybrid
25 Oct
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

The benefits of Microsoft Azure Hybrid

Any company that uses a lot of Azure as, when set up correctly, it will reduce your costs in the cloud and will lower your Azure spend by only paying for the “bare metal” costs and not the Microsoft software charges. 

29 Aug
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

How to optimize & save costs on Azure

Nowadays, many organizations are moving additional resources to the cloud. And with that, cloud costs are becoming a large part of IT budgets. Over time, this will continue to grow and if you don’t have the right governance in place. Undeniably things can get out of control quite quick and easily. There are a couple […]