Latest Microsoft Licensing Updates June 2024

With the penultimate month of the Microsoft fiscal year now behind us and the final month just beginning, Microsoft is likely focused on sales-related activities. This month, we have a limited number of updates to share. Aside from the Product Terms updates listed below, there aren’t many changes to report. So, this will be a quick read! Hopefully, the coming months will bring a flurry of activity, as much is in the works. Some possibilities: updates to the MCA-E contract? Increasing Enterprise Agreement minimum threshold amounts? New M365 suites? These are still topics we anticipate might happen soon.

In the interim: Microsoft released a new comparison table. As M365 maps (my favorite website) has not been updated for a while, this comparison might be the most recent up to date comparison. Find it here.

Product Terms updates:

Universal Licensing Terms

Update to the Use of Content for Training part of the Generative AI clause. This update clarifies that you cannot instruct a third party to use Microsoft Gen AI services to create a service that is similar to any Microsoft AI service. These restrictions do not count toward the use of a Gen AI service to generate Output Content to use as input for dynamic AI models or systems

Privacy & Security Terms

  • Microsoft updated all Yammer Enterprise references to Viva Engage
  • Azure Bastion & Azure DDOS Protection was added to the Azure Core Services list of services
  • A new entry was added for Azure Sentinel, to state that the cloud services portion of Sentinel is part of the Microsoft list of Online Services. It’s also been added to the table to state its SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II compliant

Microsoft Azure

Update to Azure Maps:

  • Updated Navigation Restrictions clause to clarify that you are not allowed to use Azure Maps or a part of Azure maps to enable turn-by-turn navigation in any Customer Solution in an automatic or autonomous vehicle or in a vehicle’s dashboard or a device connected to a vehicles dashboard.
  • Updated Database restrictions clause: clarification that the Azure Maps service cannot be used in conjunction with a Open Source service that potentially compromises the copyright protection and added that you’re not allowed to use Azure Maps to create derivative work of the service
  • API results: Microsoft added that they may limit the rate of Azure Maps calls, the amount of storage made available or the length of uploads, at its own discretion
  • Microsoft may include content that is subject to the Open Database License (ODbL) and that the use of this is governed by the terms of the ODbL terms and conditions
  • Imagery content clause was added to state that you may not change the imagery of the Azure Maps Service with maps from other mapping platforms
  • Finally, a Print Rights clause was added. This is an acceptable use policy for allowing end customers of your Azure Maps solution to capture screenshots of the application you service to them, with exceptions. To see all exceptions, navigate here.

Defender for Identity

  • Clause was added around Automatic Updates. Microsoft for Identity may automatically download and install updates for you and you agree to accepting these automatic updates.

Defender for Endpoint

Product availability table and license prerequisite table was added, and a Student Use Benefit Entitlements by qualifying program table was added.

As always, I hope you have found this licensing update useful. Do reach out to me with any questions or comments. Good luck tying up any loose licensing ends before the Microsoft Fiscal Year End.