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Category: Contract Negotiations

Microsoft has many different types of contracts and it can be complicated to figure out which licensing model is best suited to your needs. Some of the contract types are better suited to larger or smaller organizations, some licensing models offer more flexibility whereas others offer structure and security in their payment plans. Understanding which one will be best for your organization and knowing what to ask for, are the first steps in the negotiation process.

Whether you are a new Microsoft customer or are looking to renew an existing contract, our specialists can help guide you through the process. Our experts have experience working on all aspects of the Microsoft portfolio and its volume licensing programs. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Visit our Contract Negotiations page to get the most out of your Microsoft licensing.

EA renewal options explained
25 May
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft EA renewal – what are your options ?

The Enterprise Agreement is Microsoft’s most popular model to procure licenses for products and services. However it might not be the best fit for your organization and there are other Microsoft EA renewal options such as a CSP or MPSA.

In this blog we discuss different renewal options, including the option to optimize your licensing estate to get a better deal!

Microsoft Unified Support
18 May
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Unified Support – Everything you need to know

In this blog we cover everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Unified Support offer. What is Unified Support and what is included? How is it priced? How does Unified Support differ from its predecessor Premier Support?

6 negotiation mistakes to avoid
10 May
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Top Microsoft negotiation mistakes to avoid

In this blog we talk about 6 common negotiation mistakes we often see clients make. Try to avoid them in your negotations! We also share our best practices when it comes to negotiations.

ea vs csp
02 May
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

EA vs CSP – How do you choose?

EA vs CSP! This blog shares tips on what you shoud consider when deciding between signing up to the Enterprise Agreement or a Cloud Solution Provider contract. We discuss the main differences between the two licensing models, the main benefits of each and what you should keep in mind when making your choice.

Understand most used Microsoft licensing contracts
25 Apr
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Licensing contracts – Understand the 6 most used Microsoft contracts

Microsoft has so many different licensing contract types, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your organization.

In this blog we discuss the 6 most used licensing contracts. What are the main features of each? And what are the key differences?

The importance of setting up a Microsoft negotiation team
10 Mar
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Importance of an internal negotiation team

Internal negotiation team – why is it important? It is crucial for an organization to set up an internal negotiation team when negotiating a new contract with Microsoft to avoid unnecessary high costs and risks. Software licensing agreements have become increasingly important as companies rely more and more on technology to drive their businesses. These agreements […]

23 Feb
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Enterprise Agreement renewal – our top tips

Microsoft EA renewal – 6 tips to help you get the best deal Are you are a business looking to upgrade your Microsoft software? Or a customer looking for the best deal on your Microsoft products? Either way understanding the process of negotiating a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal is key.  Keep reading to discover 5 […]

03 Feb
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Cloud Solution Provider – Nr 8: Will CSP replace EA?

In this 8th and final blog in the series we highlight some of the rumors we have heard regarding upcoming changes at Microsoft, for instance if Cloud Solution Provider will replace the EA.

Changing role of the Microsoft LSP - FY22 Learnings
31 Jan
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Top 8 Learnings Microsoft FY22 – 7: Changing role of the LSP

Over the years the role of the Licensing Solution Providers (LSPs) has changed, whereby LSPs have moved away from delivering service and expertise to merely sales. Read on to learn more.

Microsoft Subsidiary Differences - FY22 Learnings
27 Jan
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Top 8 Learnings Microsoft FY22 – 6: Subsidiary differences

Operating within an international setting has both pros and cons for companies. Read this blog to learn more about our experience negotiating in different regions and about how Microsoft subsidaries operate.