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Microsoft has many different types of contracts and it can be complicated to figure out which licensing model is best suited to your needs. Some of the contract types are better suited to larger or smaller organizations, some licensing models offer more flexibility whereas others offer structure and security in their payment plans. Understanding which one will be best for your organization and knowing what to ask for, are the first steps in the negotiation process.

Whether you are a new Microsoft customer or are looking to renew an existing contract, our specialists can help guide you through the process. Our experts have experience working on all aspects of the Microsoft portfolio and its volume licensing programs. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Visit our Contract Negotiations page to get the most out of your Microsoft licensing.

Microsoft SPLA
25 Mar
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft SPLA – Everything you need to know

Microsoft SPLA – a complete guide Topics in this blog Introduction to Microsoft SPLA Key features and benefits of SPLA Eligibility and requirements SPLA SPLA licensing model explained Product offerings Pricing & payment Compliance & auditing Future of SPLA & Cloud services Conclusion FAQ Introduction to Microsoft SPLA The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) […]

06 Nov
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft Customer Agreement – a complete guide

How to license the Microsoft Customer Agreement This article focuses on the Microsoft Customer Agreement as a direct purchasing program offered by Microsoft. We do not focus on the Cloud Solution Provider program, which is also based on the MCA. To learn more about CSP, read our blog Choosing between EA vs CSP. Topics […]

Micrsoft Fabric explained by LicenseQ
18 Oct
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Microsoft Fabric – everything you need to know

In this blog we discuss everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new Fabric platform; an all-in-one, cloud-based analytics platform for enterprises.

Read this blog for information on how to purchase and license Fabric via Azure and eventually M365; what the benefits of Fabric are and to understand relevant terminology.

29 Sep
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft & Oracle – Oracle Database @Azure

Microsoft & Oracle back together Topics in this blog: Quick fact sheet Oracle Database @Azure Microsoft & Oracle in the past New partnership: Oracle Database @Azure  Benefits of Oracle Databse @Azure Who is Oracle Database @Azure for? How to license Oracle Database @Azure as a Microsoft customer? 1. Quick fact sheet Oracle Database @Azure Deployment: […]

LicenseQ can support with AWS and GCP licensing
20 Sep
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Microsoft BYOL for AWS & GCP – a guide

Microsoft BYOL – how does this work for AWS & GCP? Topics in this blog: Part 1: Azure compared to AWS & GCP Optimizing your move to the cloud Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit Amazon Web Services License Mobility Google Cloud BYOL Comparative analysis between Azure, AWS & GCP Part 2: Leveraging MS Software in AWS […]

LicenseQ explains the changes to Microsoft licensing for August 2023
07 Aug
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft Licensing Update August 2023

In our monthly licensing updates, licensing expert Floris Klaver talks you through that month’s changes to the Microsoft Product Terms.

This month there were many changes in Power Platform and updates to the Azure Customer Solution Clause, M365 & Dynamics 365 ERP.

LicenseQ's insights on the announcements from Microsoft Inspire 2023
21 Jul
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft Inspire 2023 – LicenseQ’s thoughts

Our notes from Inspire 2023 which have licensing and/or pricing relevance. E.g. Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing and more…

LicenseQ up-to-date with latest Microsoft developments
17 Jul
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Future of Microsoft Licensing – LicenseQ’s thoughts

Microsoft is continously evolving and developing its offer of products and services. Any updates also mean changes in the licensing terms and conditions.

In this blog our licensing experts Floris & Erik share their thoughts on what they expect in the (near) future of Microsoft licensing. They discuss which contracts they think will be end of life. And they speculate on the benefits and challenges of a new contractual model.
What is the future of Microsoft licensing? In this blog

LicenseQ helps you leverage regional pricing benefits
12 Jul
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

How to leverage regional pricing benefits

Microsoft announced that they will implement a 10% decrease in the Swiss CHF price lists in September 2023. We saw this announcement as a good opportunity to highlight our video ‘How to leverage regional pricing benefits in CSP’! As learning how to save money never gets old!

EA renewal options explained
25 May
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft EA renewal – what are your options?

The Enterprise Agreement is Microsoft’s most popular model to procure licenses for products and services. However it might not be the best fit for your organization and there are other Microsoft EA renewal options such as a CSP or MPSA.

In this blog we discuss different renewal options, including the option to optimize your licensing estate to get a better deal!