Azure Optimization

Azure optimization

Our technical Azure optimization service provides you with a detailed analysis of your usage on various cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. After we help you enter into a contract for your cloud services, you will be able to purchase your desired products from one of these cloud platforms. Over time you will probably use them more and more.

We developed Azure optimization to help you keep track of your consumption and to maintain control of its complex management. We can also support you with conducting an Azure audit to ensure that your Azure infrastructure and services meet industry standards, regulatory requirements and internal policies.

You can also learn more about our other services that support you in working efficiently and cost-effectively, such as Office 365 optimization.

Azure Optimization

Azure optimization in 4 steps

Planning to migrate to the cloud, but don't know where to start? Our Azure optimization helps you with the following steps:

1. Inventory current activity

First, we map your current activity to see what can be moved to the cloud and what we can streamline. We give you a financial evaluation of your options, the potential pitfalls, the downsides and the risks. We work as a team to provide key insights into your goals. The key to success is mapping the stakeholders who will benefit from a transition to the cloud.

2. Mapping future activity

After we map your current activity, the next step is to gain insight into what activity is suitable for the cloud. This is a challenging process. Some operational processes are easy to migrate, but others take time, preparation and analysis. In addition to cost savings, you may also want to know the effects of transitioning to the cloud. Are you making the right choices? Are your processes effectively streamlined?

By properly managing your cloud environment, you can be confident that a transition will be cost-effective. We identify issues before you move in-house operations, so you can take control of the process and manage costs preemptively.

3. Setting success criteria

We perform a feasibility check for work that has been mapped. We then determine which criteria are critical to success. This results in a cost comparison between your business-as-usual and the cloud transition. We also detail which cloud vendor best suits your needs.

4. Report and advice

Finally, we provide you with a report outlining our process and policy advice in order to help you create the right management blueprint. This will support you in continuously maintaining full control over your cloud spend.

The purpose of Azure optimization

Analyzing your current cloud usage with Azure optimization aims to uncover areas of improvement, optimize spending patterns and reduce standard costs. Besides the data analysis and cost evaluation, you also have the option to perform an analysis on multiple platforms.

In addition to services related to Azure optimization, we also conduct these for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We can determine which services are in line with your business needs by looking in detail at your actual purchase of cloud services and the optimizations that result. We do this by identifying the following components:

  • Starting values of usage across the cloud
  • Quick wins
  • An in-depth optimization plan
  • Azure optimization by LicenseQ

    Do you need support in setting up or optimizing your Azure environment, generic annual reporting or renewal of your Microsoft contract? Feel free to contact us for more information on the possibilities of Azure optimization. We'd love to hear from you so we can help you further.
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