Annual Report Services

Annual Order / Reporting Services

Microsoft contracts like the Enterprise Agreement state that you, as their clients, have to perform an annual investigation to the changes in your contract. This is either called a True Up for regular Enterprise Agreements or an Annual Report for EA Subscription contracts. This means a yearly burden on your IT department.

LicenseQ is able to help with this investigation, and make sure you know what your options are in the event you have autonomous growth or decline. Additionally, this is a great moment to investigate your Azure spending or look into potentially expanding your contract.

Stay on top of your annual spend with our Annual Report Services

Our typical phased approach
  • Inventory current entitlements
  • Azure Services usage discovery
  • New requirements analysis
  • Total overview of all pillars

  • Key benefits
    • Always up-to-date
    • Cost control

    • If you are interested in what we can do for your Microsoft Licensing case specifically, or if you have a generic question, simply reach out to us via the button below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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Approach & Benefits

Inventory of current entitlements

LicenseQ is able to assess your current entitlements and generate a report around the annual changes. In doing so, you will get a clear understanding of what has happened within your organization.

Azure Services usage discovery

It is hard to keep track of your Azure usage if you do not have the correct governance in place or use the correct tools for insight into your consumption. LicenseQ can help investigate where you can potentially make smarter choices and save money.

New requirements analysis

A lot can happen in a years time. New demand might pop up in an instant, and your annual review can be a great moment to leverage in your discussions with Microsoft. We can help shape the best strategy.

Total overview of all pillars

In the event this is of interest to your organization, all three pillars described before can be tied together into an investigation to see where you are at as a company. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Benefit: Always up-to-date

In doing a yearly analysis, you are always aware of your Microsoft entitlements. Via our standard process you will receive a clear cut report that can be used for your internal benefit.

Benefit: Cost control

Your Microsoft spend can easily get out of hand if you don’t keep control of it. As such, an annual review can help you in getting control of your Microsoft spend and helps you budget realistically.