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Category: M365/O365 Optimization

LicenseQ can help you license Microsoft Visual Studio
25 Jul
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Visual Studio – Everything you need to know

Microsoft Visual Studio is one of a range of useful development tools Microsoft has on offer for software engineers and developers. Microsoft offers different options to buy and license Visual Studio depending on your needs and organization size.

Read our blog to learn more about what Visual Studio is, the different subscription types and the benefits of subscribing.

10 Jul
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

M365 suites functionality – LicenseQ’s thoughts

In our LicenseQ’s thoughts blogs, our licensing experts share insights into recent and expected developments in Microsoft licensing.

In this blog Dennis shares his thoughts on the recent Microsoft trend to release new products as standalone rather than within the M365 suites. What is the thinking behind this?

30 Jun
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft 365 User Profiling – Why is it important to profile?

Microsoft 365 user profiling is a great way for an organization to optimize their licensing portfolio. Optimization means lower costs and more efficient management. Read this blog to find why user profiling works and how to approach it.