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Runnenbergweg 5, 8171MC Vaassen, The Netherlands

About Us

About LicenseQ and our philosophy

Your goals and targets = our goals and targets

Our strategy and focus = your advantage

Founded in February 2020, LicenseQ is an unbiased and independent Microsoft Licensing and Contracting consultancy firm led by seasoned former Microsoft Licensing Professionals and Negotiators. Together, we have more than 40 years of licensing knowledge that you could benefit from.

One often sees that licensing advice comes from Microsoft Certified Partners that, in one way or another, receive compensation from Microsoft. LicenseQ differs in this regard as it offers the same services while remaining a fully independent party. By avoiding restricting or “guiding” contractual terms and conditions, we are able to provide value to clients through our unbiased approach.

Team LQ

Meet the team

Team Member - Erik

Erik Hollander

Lead Negotiator & Co-Owner

Erik initially started his Software Licensing career back in 2005 as a Sr. Procurement Officer at The Dutch TAX Office, followed by a large Global LSP and Microsoft
Team Member - Floris

Floris Klaver


Entered Microsoft Licensing in 2011. Seasoned in simplifying highly complex contracts and licensing environments for large and global organizations

Team Member - Dennis

Dennis Toele


More than 17 years of Licensing and Contracting experience and has worked at one of the biggest Global LSP’s, Microsoft Netherlands and a License Advisory firm

Tracy Qian - LicenseQ Team

Tracy Qian

Sr. Procurement Officer

Tracy has a ton of experience working at large corporations in procurement, is a team player and knows how to manage procurement projects and deal with e.g. VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others

Why we do, what we do

LicenseQ's Mission & Vision

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“To reduce the opaqueness of our client’s interactions with the world’s most prevalent software vendors”


“To become global leaders for change in software and cloud licensing by fullfilling our promise of transparency and unbiasedness”

The benefits for you as our client

Below: our non-exhaustive list of benefits
If you are considering investing in technology such as Microsoft Dynamics, Azure or Office365 we provide benchmark information on Microsoft’s product and license model risk levels to ensure you are correctly prioritising your compliance management activities.

Audit procedures, tactics, pitfalls

Microsoft and its auditors continually innovate their audit approach and negotiating tactics. We stay on top of these developments to help you predict the course and outcome of any audit.

Agreement terms and conditions

We can use our insights gained while helping other clients to also benefit your organisation.

How market insights help you

Most Microsoft customers only experience a compliance audit or agreement negotiation once every few years. We stay up to date with the latest Microsoft licensing developments to ensure you can operate at an expert level in all your interactions with Microsoft.
While their cloud technology is innovative, Microsoft’s enterprise agreement originated over 20 years ago and was originally designed for in-house software. This now outdated and complex contract doesn’t suit every company, and when combined with Microsoft’s technical license requirements, creates a complex proposition.

Market standard

Are you getting the best deal? We undertake a risk and contractual assessment to benchmark your offer from Microsoft and compare it with the market standard. In most cases, working with us will help you get a better deal. Our insights into the mechanics at Microsoft can help move your deal forward with ease.


What aspects can you negotiate on? What does the partner earn from Microsoft? Make the most of our specialist and in-depth knowledge. A workshop with our Microsoft licensing experts can prepare you for your forthcoming renewal and set you up for success.

Second opinion

If you are unsure about making the right contractual choice, ask us for an expert second opinion.

Simplified deal

Microsoft tends to make licensing and contracting very complex. With LicenseQ on your side, your contracts become clear, concise and understandable. Above all, we can answer any questions about your Microsoft contract, simplify the agreement and help you make the right decision during the process.
Software assets should be seen as a necessary part of your inventory when going through Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestments. Software Licensing tends to be overseen, but is of paramount importance. Do you get to take your licenses with you, or are you using cloud services and is there a need to revisit the entire contract?

Assessing your Software Licenses and company compatibility

Are you in the midst of a merger? Let us help identify your options and how you can best in- corporate both companies’ software assets. A contractual review is paramount, but you need to know what to look for.

Understanding your ELP

By knowing what assets you have, and identifying who is using what, your divestments can be finalized easily, smoothly, and in time. LicenseQ is able to help in creating an overview of your Effective License Position (ELP).

Contractual fit post inventory

Understand what you have, and how this is currently split? Know what you need to incorporate or disentangle? Then it is time to check if your contracts still align with your business needs.
The complexity of Licensing and Contracting

Microsoft Licensing and Contracting requires dedication

Because Microsoft offers such a broad and diverse landscape of solutions, it is increasingly difficult to stay up to date on the latest changes and how this might affect your company. Therefore, having an independent advisor by your side will strengthen your knowledge of Microsoft’s portfolio and help your position when you are faced with a Microsoft contract renewal or a Microsoft audit defense. or if you need Microsoft 365 Optimization support Azure Optimization.  LicenseQ offers compliance auditing, negotiation assistance, tactical and strategical advisory as well as ongoing compliance advisory.