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LicenseQ is an unbiased and independent Microsoft Licensing and Contracting consultancy firm led by former Microsoft Licensing professionals and negotiators. With over 40 years of combined licensing knowledge, we strengthen our clients’ knowledge of Microsoft’s portfolio and help position them when faced with a Microsoft contract renewal or a Microsoft audit defense.

With Microsoft’s broad and diverse solutions landscape, staying current on the latest changes and how they might affect your company is increasingly difficult. Led by globally recognized subject matter experts, LicenseQ offers unbiased and transparent M365 optimization and Azure optimization services, negotiation assistance, and tactical and strategic advisory services.

LicenseQ serves businesses, governments, public-sector agencies, and not-for-profits worldwide, creating long-term value for our clients by overcoming their software and cloud licensing challenges.

Transparency and unbiasedness with integrity

LicenseQ is committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do. Our approach to solving software and cloud licensing challenges reduces the opaqueness of client interactions with the world’s most prevalent software vendors.

LicenseQ’s values are the foundation of our culture, embedded in everything we do, and define us as an integrity-led global consulting firm and fulfill our promise of transparent and unbiased consultancy.

  • Insightful expertise
  • Empower organizations
  • Conquer complexity
  • Lead with integrity
  • Stay true to our values

Deep knowledge, broad experience

Erik Hollander

Erik Hollander

Founder & Partner

Erik started his software licensing career in 2005 as a senior procurement officer at the Dutch TAX Office, followed by a large global LSP and Microsoft.

Negotiations | Contracts | Sales

Floris Klaver

Floris Klaver

Founder & Partner

Entered Microsoft Licensing in 2011. Seasoned in simplifying highly complex contracts and licensing environments for large and global organizations.

Technical Advisory | Compliance

Dennis Toele

Dennis Toele


More than 17 years of licensing and contracting experience and has worked at Microsoft Netherlands, one of the biggest global LSPs, and a global license advisory firm.

Project Management | Operations

Software licensing management made easy


We provide benchmark information on Microsoft’s product and license model risk levels to ensure you correctly prioritize your compliance management activities. This helps you:

  • Overcome audit procedures, tactics, and pitfalls
  • Gain trusted knowledge on ever-changing audit policies
  • Benchmark and compare your offer from Microsoft with the market standard


Microsoft’s enterprise agreement is an outdated and complex contract. When combined with Microsoft’s technical license requirements, it creates further challenges. We offer:

  • Renewal preparation that sets you up for success
  • Access to expert-level negotiation strategies
  • Insights into the mechanics at Microsoft that help easily move deals forward


Software inventory changes are inevitable but can be especially challenging when they involve mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. LicenseQ experts can help with:

  • Contractual fit post-inventory
  • Understanding ELP
  • Assessing software licenses and company compatibility

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