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Microsoft Licensing Training

Microsoft Licensing Training

Benefit from our expertise and experience to handle all your Microsoft licensing related topics. Our interactive workshops are tailored to fit your experience level, priorities and your organizational needs. All of our Microsoft consultants have worked at Microsoft as "Sr. Licensing Sales Specialist" and thereafter "Sr. Commercial Executive" and enjoy experience that comes from the source, we have a lot of knowledge of Microsoft's licensing models which have been developed throughout the years. As we believe that we should share our knowledge, and that we should work towards simplification of the Microsoft licensing rules, we offer a broad range of workshops to expand your knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Licensing and Contracting.

Customized Approach
Because all organizations are different, we offer customized training material that is prepared specifically to fit your organizations’ needs and challenges.

Licensed Professionals
Our experience was formed at the source, with many experienced consultants that have worked directly for or with the software vendors.

Up to date material
LicenseQ consultants are always actively working on updating our material. E.g. By following specific training, by staying up to date with the latest trends, and because of our connections in the field and our other engagements.

If you are interested in what we can do for your Microsoft Licensing case specifically, or if you have a generic question, simply reach out to us via the button below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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