LicenseQ helped a local municipality save over 35% on Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal


Industry: Public sector local government

Service used: Enterprise Agreement Renewal


  1. Cost savings of more than 35%
  2. Discounts exceeding public sector benchmark
  3. Five-year strategic agreement negotiated and signed

Our Client

Our client is a large Dutch municipality offering local government services such as public transport, spatial planning, and water management.

LicenseQ Experts Enterprise Agreement Renewal

The Problem

As one of the larger government organizations in the Netherlands, their Enterprise Agreement renewal is one of the bigger revenue events for Microsoft.

Due to the nature of the organization and its large size, one challenge our client faced was that their internal processes did not line up with Microsoft’s deadlines. Not only does this result in a lot of time pressure in the run-up to their contract expiration, but it also requires a more coordinated approach to licensing. While the client has a solid team working on the renewal, they lack in-depth knowledge, specifically on Microsoft licensing and the Enterprise Agreement.

As a result of this, the team did not have sufficient insights and expertise to negotiate with Microsoft effectively. Senior Management was gravely concerned about signing a good contract and saving valuable resources.

I saw that my team was asking the right questions but unable to provide the correct answers. As local government, we need to make sure that we make decisions that justify the spending of public money. With the added stress Microsoft was putting on us, I couldn’t risk not delivering – IT Director.

Our Solution

Our client was introduced to us through word-of-mouth, and after speaking to our experts, they determined LicenseQ was the best path forward. “We realized that we couldn’t handle this renewal ourselves and that we needed the help of specialists. In several conversations with the LicenseQ team, we felt they could offer us the support we needed.”

What stood out for the client was our understanding and experience with the inner workings of Microsoft, as well as our clearly defined strategy to execute the renewal within the short time available.

After learning the details of the situation, we proposed our proven framework to collect and analyze the client’s licensing data, set up multiple cost models, and ultimately create an effective negotiation strategy within the determined deadline. “We were initially doubtful that LicenseQ would be able to deliver within the tight deadline, but they proved us wrong. They ran several solutions in parallel effectively.”

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    The results achieved:

    1. Cost savings of more than 35%
    2. Discounts exceeding public sector benchmark
    3. Five-year strategic agreement was negotiated and signed, consisting of the latest Microsoft technology, services, and support
    4. Agreement reached within the deadline


    Due to the future-proof nature of the Enterprise Agreement negotiated, this client is expertly suited to innovate its IT infrastructure without worrying about additional costs. “I am glad we can leave this stressful period behind us and focus on our roadmap going forward.” When asked for their advice for other businesses, “Do your research to find a partner with real expertise who you can trust to work for you. For us, this was LicenseQ with their straightforward approach.”

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