Microsoft Audit Defense

Microsoft Audit Defense

Microsoft randomly selects customers to be audited by a third party such as KPMG or Deloitte. These Microsoft audits can lead to significant exposure of your license compliancy and subsequently can become obstacles if you are found to be non-compliant.

Is your organization in such a position? If so, we can provide immediate support and go through the audit process with you. By conducting a Microsoft Audit Defense we gain clear insights into where you stand and can achieve optimal results. You can read more about our offer on this page.

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Microsoft Audit Defense

Our approach to a Microsoft audit

Many organizations will be unaware of the licensing compliancy risks they (might) face. If the Microsoft audit finds gaps in your license compliancy, the annual fines/costs can end up being very high, possibly running into the millions. You will obviously want to avoid these unnecessary high costs.

With our proven approach we can help you navigate your license compliancy and a potential audit. We include the following components:

  • Evaluation of the initial risks
  • Microsoft internal audit of your internal processes
  • External audit support, including insight into current compliancy regulations
  • Microsoft audit defense evaluation, reporting and settlement support
  • Key benefits of our Microsoft Audit Defense

    Leaving your internal and external Microsoft audit to our specialists has a number of important advantages. Our meticulous approach combined with years of experience will help you avoid high costs and save money. You will gain an understanding of your active subscriptions and licenses and you will be able to determine whether adjustments need to be made.

    Our approach will not only significantly reduce the risk of high or unnecessary costs for this audit, but we can also set up the Microsoft Audit Defense within your organization to streamline your processes for the future too. This will allow you to always achieve optimal results with minimal effort!

    Microsoft audit defense by LicenseQ

    Our specialists are ready to assist your organization with Microsoft audit defense. We have the knowledge and experience to help you effectively.

    Additionally you can view our full range of services to determine what else we might be able to do to help you. Would you like more information or do you want to make an appointment straight away? Contact us with no obligation.

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    Approach & Benefits
    Initial risk assessment
    During our risk assessment we compare your Microsoft entitlements list and discovery tool reports with our audit benchmark data. We then put forward a high-level plan to mitigate key risk areas.

    Internal audit

    Using detailed audit procedures for all Microsoft products in scope, we produce an Effective License Position (ELP) report, equivalent to those produced by Microsoft’s audit firms.

    External audit support

    From negotiating the audit scope and data collection approach to delivering technical evidence, we guide you through the external audit from start to finish.

    Audit report review and settlement support

    Our careful and detailed analysis of the draft ELP identifies all mitigating evidence, technical arguments and licensing interpretations that reduce your compliance exposure and strengthen your settlement negotiating position with Microsoft.
    Benefit: Risk mitigation

    In the majority of cases, we are able to help clients to limit the financial damage caused by Microsoft audits.

    Benefit: Streamlined audit process

    Microsoft audits often take more than a year. By engaging us as early as possible, we can help you develop an optimal strategy.