Author: Erik Hollander

06 Nov
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft Customer Agreement – a complete guide

How to license the Microsoft Customer Agreement This article focuses on the Microsoft Customer Agreement as a direct purchasing program offered by Microsoft. We do not focus on the Cloud Solution Provider program, which is also based on the MCA. To learn more about CSP, read our blog Choosing between EA vs CSP. Topics […]

Licensing Windows 11 for your enterprise with LicenseQ
25 Sep
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

How to license Windows 11 for your Enterprise

Windows 11 has a very complicated licensing model for enterprise, so we have written a how-to guide to help you navigate licensing Windows 11.

Topics covered include Windows 11 Pro Upgrade licenses, Windows 11 Enterprise licensing, qualifying license, Virtual Desktop access and we provide tips for choosing the right option for your enterprise.

LicenseQ knows Dynamics 365 licensing and all its applications
30 Aug
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Dynamics 365 – Applications & how to license

In this blog article we take a closer look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and how to license them.

Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications developed by Microsoft that cover various aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Licensing D365 can become confusing due to its vast offer. Read our helpful guide!

LicenseQ up-to-date with latest Microsoft developments
17 Jul
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Future of Microsoft Licensing – LicenseQ’s thoughts

Microsoft is continously evolving and developing its offer of products and services. Any updates also mean changes in the licensing terms and conditions.

In this blog our licensing experts Floris & Erik share their thoughts on what they expect in the (near) future of Microsoft licensing. They discuss which contracts they think will be end of life. And they speculate on the benefits and challenges of a new contractual model.
What is the future of Microsoft licensing? In this blog

30 Jun
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft 365 User Profiling – Why is it important to profile?

Microsoft 365 user profiling is a great way for an organization to optimize their licensing portfolio. Optimization means lower costs and more efficient management. Read this blog to find why user profiling works and how to approach it.

20 Jun
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft Azure explained

A short guide to Microsoft Azure explained.

In this blog we introduce the basics – what is Microsoft Azure, what does Azure offer and what are the solutions IaaS, PaaS and Azure Mobile Products.

EA renewal options explained
25 May
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Microsoft EA renewal – what are your options?

The Enterprise Agreement is Microsoft’s most popular model to procure licenses for products and services. However it might not be the best fit for your organization and there are other Microsoft EA renewal options such as a CSP or MPSA.

In this blog we discuss different renewal options, including the option to optimize your licensing estate to get a better deal!

ea vs csp
02 May
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

EA vs CSP – How do you choose?

EA vs CSP! This blog shares tips on what you shoud consider when deciding between signing up to the Enterprise Agreement or a Cloud Solution Provider contract. We discuss the main differences between the two licensing models, the main benefits of each and what you should keep in mind when making your choice.

Different types of enrollments
30 Mar
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Enrollment types – What are the different options?

This series of blogs shares insights into the Enterprise Agreement. This complex licensing model remains one of Microsoft’s most popular.

This article talks about the 3 different Enrollment types, namely Enterprise Enrollment, Enterprise Subscription Enrollment & Server & Cloud Enrollment

How to set up an Microsoft EA or EAS
20 Mar
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Setting up Enterprise Agreement – How to guide

This blog series shares tips and insights on all the basics relating to the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

This second blog focuses on tips and suggestions for setting up your Enterprise Agreement, including how to scope your EA, reading the T&Cs, Customer Price Sheet & Product Selection Form.




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