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5 basic facts about M365 licensing by LicenseQ
10 Apr
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft 365 licensing – 5 basic facts you need to know

5 basic facts about Microsoft 365 (M365) licensing Microsoft 365 (M365) is one of the core offerings of Microsoft, representing a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools. It is designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. It encompasses a wide range of services, including the familiar Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) […]

01 Apr
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Latest Microsoft Licensing Updates April 2024

Microsoft licensing updates for April 2024 Topics in this blog Teams exclusion from M365 suites Microsoft Copilot for Security New purchasing guide for MCA Product Terms updates Teams exclusion from M365 suites On April 1st, Microsoft made a significant announcement regarding the restructuring of the Microsoft 365 (M365) suites, particularly affecting how Teams is packaged. […]

Microsoft SPLA
25 Mar
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Microsoft SPLA – Everything you need to know

Microsoft SPLA – a complete guide Topics in this blog Introduction to Microsoft SPLA Key features and benefits of SPLA Eligibility and requirements SPLA SPLA licensing model explained Product offerings Pricing & payment Compliance & auditing Future of SPLA & Cloud services Conclusion FAQ Introduction to Microsoft SPLA The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) […]

04 Mar
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LicenseQ’s Monthly Microsoft Licensing Update March 2024

Copilot, GitHub, D365 and more – Microsoft Licensing Update March 2024 Welcome to our March 2024 Licensing Update! This month, we’ve seen several pivotal changes across Microsoft’s product terms and online services. From enhanced privacy measures with Microsoft Copilot to new licensing requirements for Dynamics 365, our goal is to clarify these updates for you. […]

21 Feb
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Strategic IT licensing global retailer & contract renewal by LicenseQ

Microsoft licensing success: How a retail giant cut costs with LicenseQ Snapshot Industry: Retail Service used: Enterprise Agreement Renewal + M365/Azure Optimization Services + D365 Optimization Service Results Total savings of 10% on Enterprise Agreement total spend. Reduction of Azure spend by roughly 50% through rightsizing, Azure Hybrid Benefits and migration of D365 to SaaS. […]

01 Feb
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft Licensing Update February 2024 by LicenseQ

Licensing expert Floris Klaver summarizes and explains the major changes to the Microsoft licensing Product Terms for the month February. A big update for this month concerns From SA licenses. Read the update now to find out more.

LicenseQ case study Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal
23 Jan
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft Licensing Manufacturing Industry – a case study

Successful Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal for our client Snapshot Client: Schoeller Allibert Industry: Manufacturing  Service used: Enterprise Agreement Renewal + M365/Azure Optimization Services Results: Total savings of 14% on the Enterprise Agreement renewal  Optimization by removing 235 M365 licenses (saving of more than 17%)  Achieved alignment between functionality and licenses – matching the correct licenses for our […]

Latest Microsoft licensing updates for December 2023 by LicenseQ
04 Dec
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Microsoft Licensing Update December 2023 incl. M365 Archive, CSP, Azure and more

Microsoft Licensing Updates Dec 2023 Topics in this blog Updates to the Microsoft Product Terms Clipchamp Online Services Bing Microsoft Fabric Copilot Power Platform Azure Other items of interest: Cloud Solution Provider Microsoft 365 Archive This is the final Microsoft Licensing update for 2023. I think we can safely say 2023 was Microsoft’s year of […]

Microsoft Ignite, a guide to important updates by LicenseQ
20 Nov
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft Ignite – a guide to all the updates

Microsoft Ignite – A Roundup of All the Announced Updates Microsoft Ignite took place last week on November 14-17, 2023 in Seattle, US and online. It is one of Microsoft’s major annual conferences for developers and IT professionals. Unsurprisingly, AI and Microsoft Copilot were the big themes of this year’s edition. Copilot is Microsoft’s latest […]

LicenseQ reviews Microsoft licensing updates for November
02 Nov
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Microsoft Licensing Update November 2023

In our monthly licensing updates, licensing expert Floris Klaver talks you through that month’s changes to the Microsoft Product Terms.

This month he covers the latest licensing updates November to the M365 Copilot documentation, which launched on Nov 1st for enterprises. Other updates incl. Azure, GitHub and MS Office Pro Plus & M365 Services.