How to affectively optimize your licenses during Mergers and Acquisitions? How will it affect your licensing? The guide below highlights important aspects and what you can expect from Microsoft during this period.

Why is it important?

We recently worked with a customer who was bought by an international business. This situation brought a number of questions to mind that may be applicable to you too – “If the merger occurs before the Enterprise Agreement, are we included under the parent company?” “What items need to be identified for this?” “Do we even have to merge licenses?”. To make sense of these varying situations and concerns, one must understand the many options and considerations they have.

One issue with not knowing your options is that although Microsoft will help you integrate, it will do so in a financially attractive method for themselves. In response to this need, we have produced a number of videos that can be found on our YouTube channel under the M&A Snippets playlist that will help you grasp the legal, commercial, technical, and operational aspects that you must consider.

What do these aspects entail?

  • Legal – “How do you review contracts?” “How do you assure that previously granted concessions are given in new joint future contract?” “Are there contractual differences between parties?”
  • Commercial – “What products do both companies buy? “Are there differences in pricing and does combined procurement make sense?”

Be prepared en don’t engage Microsoft to quickly about an upcoming M&A. Do your internal due diligence and thorough research before engaging with Microsoft, as this will activate the commercial interest of Microsoft.. We can support you in being prepared and be in the driver seat.

Dennis Toele, Consultant & Co-Owner of LicenseQ
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