Monthly Licensing Update for January

New year, new updates

As we start the new year we want to continue sharing the latest developments in the world of Microsoft licensing with all of you. Not much happened in the past month with all the holidays, so we only have five points to discuss with you.

1. Big changes to EU Data residency!

Microsoft has clarified and added language as to how they maintain data residency in the EU. Microsoft has announced that they will only store and process customer data within the EU Data Boundary. There are still certain cases that can result in the limited transfer of customer data outside the EU Data Boundary. These are:

  • Remote access
  • Customer-initiated transfers
  • Protection of customers from security threats
  • Directory data
  • Network transit
  • Service-specific transfers

However, any such transfer will be conducted in accordance with the Data Protection Addendum in the Product Terms. Follow this link for more information.

2. Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft released further clarification on the Microsoft Defender page on device management by third parties. Microsoft deemed this necessary in light of all the changes happening regarding outsourcing. They have stated that, notwithstanding the outsourcing software management clause, customers may use Defender Endpoint with user desktops running on Microsoft Azure, own devices or devices that are on day-to-day management and controlled by the third parties. Basically you can manage any device that is on one of these platforms with your own licenses.

3. Final retirement of StorSimple

Terms related to StorSimple have been removed for Azure Data Box, Azure, StackEdge and Azure Stack, as it has been retired.

4. Change in servicing channel for Windows OS

This is now called General Availability Channel. Desktop analytics has been removed as Additional License Terms for Online Services. The semi-annual channel has been changed to General Availability Channel which means it is always available.

5. Azure Communication Services

In our previous monthly update Floris suggested that Microsoft intentionally removed Azure Communication Services in December and that they might have moved it to a website outside of the Product Terms (with the aim of reducing clutter). It turns out that Microsoft removed it by accident as it should not have been removed. They have changed it back not and all the terms are available again.

We hope you have found this monthly update useful. Keep an eye out for the next one.