LicenseQ is pleased to announce a global partnership with Nebula Solutions. Nebula Solutions is an independent cloud solutions provider, offering continuous cost optimization across the entire Microsoft cloud. Nebula’s easy to implement and easy to use web app ‘Optimize’ offers organizations meaningful usage insights, simplification of licensing complexity, and cost optimization recommendations.

LicenseQ has acquired a stake in Nebula and the LicenseQ management team are now actively involved in the daily operations. Nebula has appointed Floris Klaver as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dennis Toele as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Erik Hollander as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). CCO Erik Hollander:

We are looking forward to this new adventure. In the changing world of Microsoft cloud licensing and the complexity of Microsoft negotiation, we feel there is a need for an easy and quick solution to optimize anyone’s Microsoft estate. This is very important to reduce your spend on Microsoft subscriptions and services.
— Erik Hollander, Chief Commercial Officer Nebula Solutions B.V.
“We are delighted to have the LicenseQ team onboard. We can further monetize on the immense knowledge and experience that LicenseQ has on Microsoft licensing, and we are able to scale the Nebula tool at a better and faster pace.”
— Derk-Jan Boogerd, CEO Nebula Solutions B.V.
For more information, please contact us via the Contact page and form.

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