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Oracle License Optimization

Oracle Licensing Services
Optimize your Oracle license investments

LicenseQ is all about increasing your utilization and making sure you are using 100% of what you have already purchased, whilst remaining compliant. As your organization grows and your hardware and IT environment changes e.g. through virtualization, your Oracle Licensing position is likely to change with it. Your Oracle Agreement requires pro-active management to make sure you remain in control.

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Licensing Services
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Top 3 challenges when optimizing Oracle licenses

The fine print is confusing by design

Wether it's Oracle or any other big software vendor, contract jargon is everywhere and meant to favor the party that owns the intelligence, by design. Owning different Oracle products or even purchasing the same product throughout the years comes with different sets of licensing rules. This sets you up for undesired challenges.

Support fees for Oracle licenses are expensive

Oracle’s support fees typically are ± 22% of their license cost. There's an obvious risk in being under-licensed, but also in being over-licensed. If you own more licenses than you actually need, you are wasting money on support costs. Which is a nice revenue stream for Oracle as they earn more on support / maintenance fees than on new software licenses.

Choosing the most beneficial metric

Do you license by processor (CPU * # of cores * "Core Factor") or by Named User Plus (NUP)? The Processor metric allows for an unlimited user count, interesting if the user population is large or uncountable. The Named User Plus metric allows you to license by the number of users. The complexity lays in other factors, like clusters, virtualization and variations in core types and counts.

The complexity of Licensing and Contracting

Oracle Licensing and Contracting requires focus

If you install and/or use Oracle products and services, then you also have an Oracle License & Services Agreement (OLSA) you have to really understand and manage. Every Oracle client should strive to stay in compliance and optimize their license position with Oracle, not just to mitigate financial exposure and avoid incompliance, but also to maximize IT agility and spend budget on innovation that ensures growth of your business. We combine comprehensive understanding of Oracle’s policies, licensing models and contract terms & conditions, including analyzing compliance across the entire range of Oracle products. Our clients receive unbiased, professional and timely advice that re-enforces their business strategy while taking back control.

Highlights and what you can expect from LicenseQ
  • Discount is the final step during negotiations: the BoM and contractual terms define the future
  • Oracle LMS audit announced or completed? We are your independent and unbiased advisor
  • Know your quantities, environments, licensing terms and cost position, independently from each other to get back in control and be compliant
  • Yes you can run Oracle workloads on VMware while only paying for the Processor quantities utilized
  • Negotiating or Certifying a ULA? We support you to shift the balance of power and make sure the commercial pressure is on Oracle – not on you

If you are interested in what we can do for your case specifically, or if have a generic question; please reach out to us via the button below. We will come back to you as soon as we can.