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SAP License Optimization

SAP Licensing Services
Optimize your SAP license investments

SAP gives you less than 5 years to get the know-how, plan, dedicate resources and execute your S/4HANA transition at your own cost. Without a proper plan and transition model, there can be a large, unnecessary plus expenditure in the IT budget.

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Licensing Services
do just that.

Top 3 challenges when optimizing Oracle licenses

The fine print is confusing by design

Wether it's Oracle or any other big software vendor, contract jargon is everywhere and meant to favor the party that owns the intelligence, by design. Owning different Oracle products or even purchasing the same product throughout the years comes with different sets of licensing rules. This sets you up for undesired challenges.

Support fees for Oracle licenses are expensive

Oracle’s support fees typically are ± 22% of their license cost. There's an obvious risk in being under-licensed, but also in being over-licensed. If you own more licenses than you actually need, you are wasting money on support costs. Which is a nice revenue stream for Oracle as they earn more on support / maintenance fees than on new software licenses.

Choosing the most beneficial metric

Do you license by processor (CPU * # of cores * "Core Factor") or by Named User Plus (NUP)? The Processor metric allows for an unlimited user count, interesting if the user population is large or uncountable. The Named User Plus metric allows you to license by the number of users. The complexity lays in other factors, like clusters, virtualization and variations in core types and counts.

The complexity of Licensing and Contracting

SAP Licensing and Contracting requires focus

Through our proven methodology and special tools, we are able to reach the cheapest, yet compliant license portfolio for you as SAP’s client. This includes a S/4HANA-ready role concept and negotiation support. The final deliverable content will provide your organization with the insights as shown below.

Highlights and what you can expect from LicenseQ
  • License assignment reflects the actual use
  • Measurement of digital access documents
  • Screened and cleaned SAP roles
  • Up-to-date compliance status
  • Controlled costs and discounts
  • Data-driven decision making

We support you in the key steps you should take before and during the S/4 HANA transition in order to save cost, risk, and time in the short and long term. If you are interested in what we can do for your case specifically, or if have a generic question; please reach out to us via the button below. We will come back to you as soon as we can.