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SAP License Optimization

SAP Licensing Services
Optimize your SAP license investments

Negotiating million-dollar SAP licensing contracts is not your day job, but it is theirs! Make sure you prepare to get it right.

Optimizing SAP purchases, contract renewals and licensing can be complex and it varies significantly based on each customer's unique present and future technical and business needs. Nonetheless, there are specific measures you can take before and during the negotiations with SAP to minimize the chance of overspending.

If you are an SAP customer, you may be feeling a growing pressure to migrate your ERP systems to cloud platforms. The evolving cloud license structures, terminology and emerging products from SAP are relatively new in the industry. SAP gives you less than five years to set yourself up. To have the know-how, to plan, to dedicate resources and to execute your S/4HANA transition at your own cost.

You need a thorough plan and transition model in order to avoid large, unnecessary plus expenditure in your IT budget.

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Planning &
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Licensing Services
do just that.

The complexity of Licensing and Contracting

SAP Licensing and Contracting requires focus

Companies are still just beginning to navigate cloud migration, but the cloud continues to gain momentum. Utilizing our established methods and specialized tools, we can help you secure the most cost-effective and compliant license package as an SAP client. This will include a S/4HANA-compatible role framework and assistance during negotiations. The end result will equip your organization with the insights you need.

Highlights and what you can expect from LicenseQ
  • License assignment reflects actual usage
  • Measurement of digital access documents
  • Screened & cleaned SAP roles
  • Up-to-date compliance status
  • Controlled costs and discounts
  • Data-driven decision making

Our independence is your tactical benefit
We support you with all the key steps before and during the S/4 HANA transition or renewal in order to reduce costs, risk and time in both the short and long term. Our price Benchmark Analysis, License and Contract Optimization and Software License Audit Services generally deliver substantial cost savings /avoidance for SAP’s Enterprise (Global) clients.

Please reach out to us via the button below with questions regarding your specific business case or generic questions. We will come back to you as soon as we can.