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Understanding the EA renewal process
06 Apr
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Enterprise Agreement renewal – How does the renewal work?

Together all the blogs in this series form a deep dive into the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Our aim is to share our knowledge so you can better your understanding of this complex licensing model.

This article is about the renewal process for the Enterprise Agreement. Inlcuding Microsoft Licensing Statement, how to approach negotiations and what you can negotiate.

10 tips reduce microsoft enterprise agreement spend
03 Apr
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

EA spend – 10 tips to lower your costs

This blog series looks at all the basic aspects of the Enterprise Agreement. The EA is still one of Microsoft’s most popular licensing models, but it can be difficult to fully understand.
In this post we share 10 tips that can help you reduce your EA spend in the upcoming negotiations.

Different types of enrollments
30 Mar
Posted by:   Erik Hollander

Enrollment types – What are the different options?

This series of blogs shares insights into the Enterprise Agreement. This complex licensing model remains one of Microsoft’s most popular.

This article talks about the 3 different Enrollment types, namely Enterprise Enrollment, Enterprise Subscription Enrollment & Server & Cloud Enrollment

How does microsoft software assurance work
28 Mar
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Software Assurance – How does it work?

This series of blog posts delves into everything you need to know about the Enterprise Agreement.
The fifth post discusses what Software Assurance is, how it works and what the benefits are.

Differences between Microsoft annual order and true up
24 Mar
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Annual Report vs True-up – What are the differences?

In this series of blog posts we cover everything related to the Enterprise Agreement.
This fourth article explains the difference between the Annual Report and the True-up. Never mix the two up again!

EA order requirements explained
22 Mar
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

EA order requirements explained

This is the third post in our series exploring everything you need to know about the Enterprise Agreement.
This article is a deep dive into the Enteprise Agreement terms & conditions, incl minimum order requirements, how to license additional products, Use Rights and more.

The basics of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
17 Mar
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Enterprise Agreement Basics

This series of blog posts will explore everything you need to know about the Enterprise Agreement basics.
This first blog discusses the basics of the EA, incl who it’s for, what can be licensed, structure and basic features.

Demystifying Dynamics 365 Licensing and Modules
14 Mar
Posted by:   Dennis Toele

Demystifying Dynamics 365: A guide to the software suites and licenses

Microsoft continously updates and changes the names it uses within Dynamics 365. This helpful glossary explains the terminology used.

Microsoft licensing audit image
03 Mar
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

How to deal with Microsoft Licensing Audit

In the past months, Microsoft has increased its focus on software licensing compliance, leading to an increase in the number of licensing audits being conducted. Microsoft licensing audits can be time-consuming and costly, so read this article on how you can best prepare and deal with an audit.

18 Jan
Posted by:   Floris Klaver

Licensing complexity – Nr 4: How licensing complexity is increasing

In this fourth blog we talk about the ever-increasing licensing complexity of Microsoft’s contract models. If you are not a dedicated licensing specialist, figuring out the different models can give you a headache. Read our tips in this blog.




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