Microsoft Volume Licensing

Complex and outdated licensing for modern age software and services. Microsoft has been selling its volume licensing programs for decades. While their software and services are innovative, their licensing models remain complex and lack flexibility. As a forward-thinking company, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find your way in the Microsoft licensing world. The best option for many companies is to move to cloud services, but how are you able to best procure these? Are you already heavily invested in Office 365, but want to expand towards Enterprise Mobility + Security, or move to the full Microsoft 365 E5 stack? Are you investigating Microsoft Azure against AWS or GCP? If you are looking for help with an enterprise agreement, cloud solution provider contract or a new Microsoft customer agreement, we can help. We are skilled in the entire Microsoft platform and our experts can support you in your deci- sion making.

Agreement Negotiation

We guide our clients through key Microsoft licensing decision points, such as EA(S) renewals, add-on purchases and annual reporting. Leverage our benchmark insights to secure the best deal for your organisation.

Cloud Optimization

The most complex move is from software to a services company. We are well positioned to help your company transition towards the cloud, or expand your cloud journey further.

Effective Licensing Position

Using our comprehensive set of audit procedures, we help you establish an evidence-based effective license position (ELP) report, which can be used as a foundation to save money and avoid non-compliance.

Audit Defense

Leverage our extensive audit experience to manage the Microsoft license compliance audit process. We guide your interactions with Deloitte or KPMG and help you achieve the optimal settlement outcome with Microsoft.

Annual Report Services

We offer services to help you with your true up and annual contracting obligations. Whatever shape or form your contract, we are able to help with your annual investigation.

Understand your own License Position

Microsoft can be difficult to keep under control. Our specific methodology can help you better understand your Microsoft IT landscape and spend less time managing it, allowing you to focus on innovation.