Internal Compliance Review Stages

Entitlements Reconciliation

The foundation of every internal compliance review is a careful assessment of what you are currently entitled to. We process an MLS (Microsoft license statement) from Microsoft order history data as well as any other contractual information.

Information Collection Plan

Based on the Microsoft scope and existing discovery tools we develop a detailed information collection plan.

Deployment Evidence Collection

We guide internal stakeholders and administrators to establish the deployment quantity for each Microsoft product, and ensure you have accurately accounted for all installations.

Compliance Report

Our effective license position (ELP) report reflects the compliance position for each Microsoft product in scope. If there are any apparent license shortfalls, we recommend remediation or optimization measures.

Key Benefits

Get Clear Insights Of Your Environment

The ELP shows the areas where you are not at risk, and where you need to be careful. The out- come of the internal audit can help you better understand your IT landscape and take control of your future direction.

Streamlined Audit Process

Microsoft audits can often take more than one year, sometimes even two. Our extensive technical audit experience will minimize the effort required to navigate through the audit process.