ITAA is the alliance of global IT Sourcing, Licensing and Asset Management experts, fully focused in their respective fields. As an alliance, our objective is ensuring our customers have access to our network of subject matters experts, highly experienced in delivering the most challenging projects. Our project outcomes are measurable, achievable, realistic and delivered in a timely manner without jeopardising quality.  

License Consulting was established in 2007 which makes it the oldest consultancy firm dedicated to Oracle licensing today. After becoming a trusted partner for many organisations License Consulting grew to be the one-stop-shop for Oracle compliance auditing, negotiation, tactical and strategical advisory as well as ongoing compliance advisory. Clients are guided towards an informed choice when reducing their risks, costs and mitigating other complexities in Oracle licensing.

SolarCom started in 2009 providing license compliance consulting and audit defence services to IBM customers worldwide. Founded by a former Deloitte auditor, SolarCom has since developed a training program and an online IBM license management tool. Since 2016 all these services are delivered through the brand name Blue-LM. SolarCom continues to invest in research and automation to provide the best end-to-end IBM license management support to its clients, including full deployment and configuration of the IBM license metric tool (ILMT).

Licensing specialist partner JNC was originally founded in Brussels, Belgium in 2010. In 2017 JNC relocated its headquarters to the United Kingdom due to rapid expansion. JNC is a premium software advisory firm that specialises solely in SAP software. Their experienced consultants support customers with the architecture of green and brown field SAP landscapes, licensing and risk. 

Aster Commercial Services began in 2017. Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience, Aster resolved to set up an alternative procurement company. Today, Aster are proud that their unique approach is now benefiting a wide range of businesses, from FTSE 500 global firms to small local charities. Aster are a team of highly experienced, yet down-to-earth individuals who are consultative, rather than consultants. Their flexible, collaborative way of working ensures the right solutions can be implemented quickly and simply. The fact is procurement doesn’t have to be complex and cumbersome. With a hands-on style, coupled with an ability to cut through complexity, Aster believe in working together to find the ideal solution at every step.