SolarCom started in 2009 providing license compliance consulting and audit defence services to IBM customers worldwide. Founded by a former Deloitte auditor, SolarCom has since developed a training program and an online IBM license management tool.

Since 2016 all these services are delivered through the brand name Blue-LM. SolarCom continues to invest in research and automation to provide the best end-to-end IBM license management support to its clients, including full deployment and configuration of the IBM license metric tool (ILMT).


Redress Compliance is a management consultancy company specialized in Oracle License Management. Their Mission is to offer clients the best Oracle license management services through their expert consultants. Operating worldwide, they are one of the best companies in the Oracle space. They share all their knowledge through social media platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube, so be sure to check out their material!

Redress Compliance

It is the opinion of SAMtoa that there is no independent SAM service provider in the German market who would issue recommendations for action based on facts and who, in addition to compliance, always keep an eye on the economic use of software. It is time for customers to be able to act on an equal footing with the vendors. SAMtoa ensure equality of information by sharing knowledge. Take them at their word and strengthen your position!