Three examples why you should take a critical look at every Microsoft technology investment

  1. The EA has a company-wide commitment if you are still procuring on premises software; which more or less pushes a customer to inventory an annual true-up in an Enterprise Agreement. This can result in high costs at your anniversary; With the transition of most of the agreements to cloud subscription contracts, this has changed and it is currently very beneficial to take a critical look at what you buy, and especially how and when you buy it. We have seen cases where organizations are purchasing $800 user subscriptions for a factory worker just reading e-mail or where the organizations have created a development environment paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, without turning this off.
  2. Customers often tend to respect the pricing in the Enterprise Agreement and its associated programs. We have seen cases where organizations buy Dynamics and Office365 functionality at list pricing because the Customer Price Sheet says so. We know that there is always room to negotiate commercials with Microsoft. Why not negotiate every time your company has a specific need?
  3. Did you know that you can easily defer cloud subscription costs? You definitely don’t have to place an order each time you are in need of additional Cloud Subscriptions. Rather, make this easy on yourself and work with license reservations. This defers cost towards your EA Anniversary, and additionally requires less administration on your end.

This seems easier said than done, you might think? In most cases you will require specific knowledge and skills to be successful in achieving better results, I hear you say? This is where we can help, as an independent advisor on the Microsoft platform. As you know, a Microsoft partner is being incentivized on selling expensive Cloud subscriptions and are not awarded by buying just the subscription you need. This is why they have a clear cut direction they want you to take.

We love what we do, and that is trying to help organizations like yours. We are obsessed by getting your organization the technology you require in the best possible contract. In a next blog we will try to address some do-it-yourself tips. If you can’t wait until the next blog just send one of us a message and we can start helping you out immediately! Reach out to us via!