In cases where Microsoft has offered technology for free, there is always a catch. In this case, the strong feeling arises that there is a larger commercial reason behind this. We have seen cases with PowerBI Free, Dynamics 365 and more recently with PowerApps and PowerAutomate (previously Flow). Microsoft adjusts the licensing rules, and as a huge fallout, customers were suddenly confronted with costs they did not previously anticipate. As a large corporation, they know there will be outrage in the market, but they can afford it. Teams is a product that is like PowerBI, it quickly enters your company and makes its way to your employees, much like an oilspill.

In the event that a customer is already deployed and is experiencing the added value of the “free” technology, Microsoft does not tend to offer any discounts or other commercial offerings, as you are already locked-in to their service! Most of the License Partners do not mention this, as they are only rewarded by Microsoft on the hero offerings. Our advice: Before you adopt the great technology that Microsoft offers (Teams truly is great!) be considerate of your contractual and product licensing options and have a short chat with one of our consultants. We can help you determine your factual requirement and provide advice on how and when to deploy the technology you require. This way you ensure you are making the best long term factual decision.

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