This now outdated and complex contract doesn’t suit every company, and when combined with Microsoft’s technical license requirements, creates a complex proposition.

Many organizations do not fully realize what they are signing up for.

This is where LICENSEQ can help you. Even if you are in the final stage of negotiation, we can explain the process in easy-to-understand language and make it more manageable.

Simplified dealmaking expertise

Market standard
Are you getting the best deal? We undertake a risk and contractual assessment to benchmark your offer from Microsoft and compare it with the market standard.

What aspects can you negotiate on? What does the partner earn from Microsoft? Make the most of our specialist and in-depth knowledge.

Second opinion
If you are unsure about making the right contractual choice, ask us for an expert second opinion.

Simplified deal
Above all, we can answer any questions about your Microsoft contract, simplify the agreement and help you make the right decision.

Key benefits

A contract that is right for you
In most cases, working with us will help you get a better deal. Our insights into the mechanics at Microsoft can help move your deal forward with ease.

Simplified approach
Microsoft tends to make licensing and contracting very complex. With an LicenseQ expert on your side, your contracts become clear, concise and understandable.

Be prepared
A workshop with our Microsoft licensing experts can prepare you for your forthcoming renewal and set you up for success.