It is an understatement to say that Microsoft Licensing is complex. As Microsoft offers such a broad and diverse landscape of solutions, it is increasingly difficult to stay up to date on the latest changes, and how this might affect your company. Having an independent advisor by your side will strengthen your knowledge of Microsoft’s portfolio and help your position when you are faced with a Microsoft contract renewal or a Microsoft audit. LICENSEQ offers compliance auditing, negotiation assistance, tactical and strategical advisory as well as ongoing compliance advisory.

Erik Hollander


Erik has started his career in Software Licensing in 2005 at Insight as an Account Manager followed by a position at The Dutch Tax Office as Procurement Specialist. After this Erik moved to work for Microsoft as a Lead Negotiator. In all roles Erik was involved in Software License negotiations and has worked from both a Partner, Customer and Software Vendor perspective. This diverse nature makes him an expert in anything Microsoft related, and he is able to shape a holistic view of Microsoft negotiations. In his last role Erik was active as a lead negotiator from Microsoft dealing with Global Customers.

As the world is changing, so is the way we are doing business. After a succesfull time with Microsoft, Floris & Erik decided it was time for their next step and founded LICENSEQ.
“We both want to help customers on their IT journey and limit their spend, and we feel we can empower customers to optimize their IT assets as completely independent advisors”.

Floris Klaver


Floris is exclusively customer facing at LICENSEQ, helping clients actively expand their licensing knowledge, improve their license position, negotiate with Microsoft and optimize their Microsoft spend.

With his technical background and wealth of experience in Microsoft licensing and negotiation, Floris helps LICENSEQ clients with Enterprise Agreement negotiations, audit defence, cloud optimization engagements and reducing their Microsoft spend.

Floris has worked in software licensing since 2011 and was at Microsoft during their transformation years from a software vendor to a cloud solutions provider. This included working in highly complex environments and dealing with some of Microsoft’s largest customers world- wide. As a trained and knowledgeable Microsoft licensing professional, he also helped educate the field within Microsoft on their licensing knowledge.

Sverre van Straaten

Senior Optimization Consultant

Sverre van Straaten is an independent consultant specializing in Cloud Cost Management and Optimization. With over 13 years of experience in cloud computing, e-commerce and staffing and recruiting, Sverre has built a track record through successful projects delivered worldwide. Background in recruitment, business consultancy, software and services sales as well as FinOps / Cloud Asset Management and Cloud Cost Management Consulting. Specialized in implementing and Optimizing Processes within organizations that leverage Cloud.

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